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Induction Loop tape 100m

£175.00 Inc VAT
  • Reel of flat copper loop foil ‘tape’ for use with induction loop systems
  • 100m reel
  • Outer insulating cover
  • Available in 3 sizes

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Induction loop flat tape for use in professional installations

Commonly used for under floor installation, these are copper foil tapes, insulated outer cover.  They are specifically intended for induction loop systems, where the loop has to pass under carpets or be located elsewhere that is not suited to conventional cable.

  • 100m length reel
  • Flat copper tape with plastic outer insulating cover
  • approx  0.1mm thickness
  • Available in 3 types
    1.0mm² insulated copper foil tape, 20mm wide – ideal for medium induction loop system installations
    1.5mm² insulated copper foil tape, 22mm wide – ideal for medium – large induction loop systems installations
    2.5mm² insulated copper foil tape, 25mm wide – ideal for large induction loop systems installations

Induction loop systems require careful calculation of room size, cable route and layout, amplifier configuration etc so please call us if you require assistance.

DM Music offers installation of induction loop systems to meet EN60118-4 (formerly BS6083) and BS7594:1993 requirements


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