Training makes all the difference

We regard this as essential to maximise the benefit of any investment in Audio Visual or Sound Equipment.
At DM we believe that proper training is an essential part of the purchase. Anybody can sell you a cardboard box. We often encounter PA/AV operatives who have been left high and dry with reasonably sophisticated equipment but with very little knowledge and skills as to how to use it. This is not always the fault of the person concerned as they have been instructed to go out and find the ‘cheapest internet deal’. Our experience shows that the cheapest deal is often not the best deal.

Uniquely Qualified

We understand the church environment – you can start a sentence and we can complete it. As well as being AV and Sound professionals with many years of combined experience, we are also very familiar with what actually happens on a Sunday morning. It is because we ourselves operate systems, play musical instruments etc. in our own Churches: that gives us the ‘inside knowledge’ and experience, and therefore the expertise to be unique in what we do.