Bespoke installation solutions - our area of expertise

We listen carefully to your requirement. Then using our experience of installing over 3,000 church systems, we provide you with the right solution.

Discreet, Sympathetic Installation

Our dedicated team of Project Managers, Engineers and Support Team have a proven record of quality installations dating back to 1992! This unique, combined experience and knowledge ensures sympathetic installation to your building. When commissioning a new audio, visual, or streaming system many factors come in to play. Where aesthetic considerations are paramount we can provide you with systems offering very minimal visual intrusion using a combination of product technology and carefully routed cabling infrastructure.

Audio Visual Expertise

Audio visual technologies move quickly and can often be complex and difficult to get to grips with; particularly in a church building context. In more recent times church AV systems have had to deal with the integration of a streaming system – our Project Managers can specify and integrate your audio visual and streaming requirements. Our engineers will install, optimise, train and, along with our Support Team, are here to keep things going year in, year out. We are here as your church technical resource so please feel free to call us about any aspect of your church audio visual system – whether for product purchase, full installation, self-installation, fault diagnosis, correct operation, how-to… you name it! …we’re here to help and advise! And it’s not just our many years of experience you can call on – we can also offer expert support from industry manufacturers and suppliers.

Professional Sound Systems

While many churches require minimal or discreet sound reinforcement we also install larger, higher volume, live audio systems for worship bands, choirs, stage performances and more. Both types of system can often involve a mix of simple and complex operation. Advanced systems offer multi-channel distributed audio networks, digital control and processing, a large range of microphone and radio mic solutions, full stage monitoring and in-ear monitor systems, backline equipment, musical instruments, racking, hardware, cable solutions and wireless remote control. Our Project Managers, Engineers and Support Team have years of experience specifically in the church environment, with the extra challenges and rewards this can bring.

Building Projects

Over our 30-year history, we have undertaken a great many Sound & Audio Visual Installations as part of a church building project. Whether it's refurbishment, extension, re-ordering or completely new build we work closely with hundreds of churches from every denomination to deliver on time and on budget. Working closely with Architects, planning committees, building consultants, contractors and the church itself we have broad experience in finding the best solutions and, equally importantly, navigating the best route through these often complex and sometimes lengthy projects. From initial consultation right through design, planning, project management, supply and installation we offer you our inside knowledge and unique experience to give you peace of mind.

Live Streaming

Covid19 created a change in the way Churches communicate with both congregation, community and beyond. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the way church services are created and delivered. Live streaming, recording, PTZ Cameras, video mixers, Zoom services, blended services, the new 'tech' vocabulary list goes on! DM are at the forefront of how best to utilise streaming services, products and technologies in order that we can offer you a range of streaming options. Whether your live streaming requirements are for something simple and easy to use or for a sophisticated flexible system, we have the solution. For more on church live streaming take a look at our Guides in the Knowledge section.

Remote Audio Control Systems

The majority of our installed audio systems feature digital audio processing at the heart of the system. For a contemporary style of worship with a music group or worship band, it will likely be a digital mixer with plenty of hands-on control. For a speech-based system it’s likely to be a digital mixer or processor hidden away without the hands-on control but with bespoke control, delivered appropriately to the user requirement. Both types of system offer similar digital advantages, including the ability to save and recall settings, create presets, and give greater control options – including wirelessly via an App on a smart phone or tablet. With technology, it’s possible to have simple, discreet remote control of equipment locked in a vestry or side room for example. It’s also possible to have multiple settings stored in memory for easy recall. Having multiple ways to control your audio system is useful for churches with different services or styles of worship. For example, a simple remote wall panel control working with a larger mixing desk, or giving musicians full control over the ‘mix’ they hear in their foldback monitor.

Specialist Screens & Projection

Many churches require specialist single or multiple projection and screen systems, often with high-powered projectors with long throw lenses, multiple sources and connection points and automated winch screens that can be raised and even hidden when not in use. More recently large LED and LCD screen types can be used for everything from the main central screen, side aisle fill-ins, confidence monitors and AV distribution to other rooms and areas. These can be fixed, mobile or motorised on TV lifts to hide away when not in use. Further, the options for large ‘tiled’ video and LED walls are growing in number while the costs are coming down and these are now a real possibility for many churches looking to confidently engage with the 21st century.

Church Audio Furniture

Every Church is unique, and that goes for sound and visual equipment as well. We can offer custom-built furniture to meet your needs and integrate harmoniously with your church’s interior. Including AV Consoles, racks for equipment, lecterns, stage area, plinths, shelving or bracketry. We offer custom work in-house as well as working closely with a small number of established firms specialising in both bespoke audio furniture and ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

Acoustic Treatments

It is very common for Churches to be extremely reverberant spaces. This often creates wonderful acoustics for choirs, organs and classical music but can make amplification of the spoken word and contemporary music difficult. Where required and appropriate we can offer a range of acoustic panels and treatments to reduce audio reflections and lower reverberation. This increases speech intelligibility and helps improve the clarity of amplified worship music.

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