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Ansmann Rechargeable Batteries & Chargers

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24th May 2018

How much could you be saving with ANSMANN rechargeable batteries?

Many Churches are still using disposable alkaline batteries, particularly for radio mic use. Quite often these will be disposed of  before they are completely flat - with the fear that they won't make it through a morning service. The cost implications of years of disposable batteries are worth considering - because the alternative rechargeable option offers a huge saving!

As an example: 8 good quality alkaline AA batteries a week for 10 years totals 4,160 batteries!
That’s around £4,100 spent on batteries!

An ANSMANN Powerline 8 battery charger with 8  Max E Technology batteries would cost just £75. That's a MASSIVE SAVING of over £4,000! But that’s not all, the more batteries you use, the more you save!

Who are ANSMANN?

ANSMANN are a professional supplier of batteries and chargers. They are Germany’s No.1 charger and rechargeable battery specialist with a select range of products now available from DM Music, the UK’s No.1 Church Sound & Audio Visual specialists.

The Ansmann MAX E NiMH Rechargeable Batteries are the best on the market and perfect for use with the demands of Radio Mic Systems. They have the same type of operation performance as a high quality alkaline battery and can be recharged over 2,000 times! Once charged they will hold their charge for years.

The ANSMANN Powerline Chargers are the perfect partner for MAX E Batteries. These intelligent chargers are simple to operate and charge individual batteries until fully charged and then keep them charged until ready to use. Perfect for rotation use with radio mic transmitters, easy charging means no worrying about how much charge is left on batteries before the service!

Environmental Impact

More than 7 billion disposable batteries are sent to landfill in Europe every year - that’s enough to fill more than 10 full sized football pitches. Almost nothing from a disposable battery is recyclable, whereas a rechargeable NiMH battery has some recyclable material.

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