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Martin Audio Flexpoint FP12

£2,400.00 Inc VAT

12″ Compact Point Source Loudspeaker

  • Compact, passive two-way loudspeaker
  • Versatile, multi-angle enclosure
  • High output capability Coaxial Point Source configuration with user-rotatable drive unit
  • 12” (300mm)/3” (75mm) voice coil low distortion neodymium LF driver
  • 3” (75mm) titanium diaphragm/1.4” (35mm) exit HF driver
  • 90° H x 60° V dispersion
Martin Audio
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The FP12 is a premium, point-source loudspeaker designed for short-throw applications which require superb sonic performance, high output, and coverage consistency from a compact enclosure. Its small size and portability extend its range of applications from live sound and permanent installations to corporate events, gigging musicians and DJ’s.

With a multi-angle enclosure and a wide range of mounting options, the FP12 is the perfect high-power solution for rental companies and professional applications which benefit from flexibility and speed of deployment.

When supplemented by a subwoofer, it is an excellent choice for premium, short-throw corporate AV events and music playback systems. It can also be used as a high output stage monitor, or in conjunction with a larger touring or installed sound system.speed of deployment.

The FP12 is a two-way passive loudspeaker featuring a high-specification 12” LF driver and a 1.4” exit HF driver with a 3” diameter titanium diaphragm. It delivers an impressive maximum SPL of 128dB peak and has a well-defined dispersion pattern of 90° horizontal x 60° vertical, with horizontal constant directivity characteristics.speed of deployment.

Its exemplary coverage pattern is achieved by incorporating a dedicated waveguide within the magnet structure which merges into a specially contoured LF cone. With the waveguide and cone combining to form the HF horn, this innovative arrangement avoids a separate ‘add-on’ horn which would impede the wavefront from the cone and cause irregularities in the frequency response. It also improves on conventional through-the-pole coaxial designs, which can suffer from high frequency beaming. speed of deployment.

The FP12’s durable birch plywood enclosure is finished in hardwearing textured paint and incorporates multiple threaded inserts to cater for a wide range of mounting options and accessories — including yoke, wall bracket and truss mounting. A dual pole-mount socket with 0° and 15° down-tilt angles is incorporated into the base of the enclosure, and twin handles aid installation and deployment. A steel grille with a triple-layer polyester backing presents a discreet, professional appearance, while resisting dust and water ingress to IP54 environmental rating. speed of deployment.

The FP12 can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation by rotating the driver within the enclosure. To make this operation quick and easy, the grille is secured by proprietary quick-release latches, and the driver fixed to the baffle by means of captive release clamps. Loosening these by hand allows the driver to be quickly rotated through 90° and re-tightened. FP12 can be powered by iKON amplifiers, or by VIA amplifiers when used with a DX4.0 controller, or alternatively a DX0.4 or DX0.6 controller. FP12 systems can be modelled in 3D using Display 3 design and prediction software.

TYPE Coaxial passive 2-way
FREQUENCY RESPONSE – 4Π (5) 55Hz – 20kHz ± 3dB, -10dB @44Hz with preset
DRIVERS LF: 12″, 3″ Voice coil, Neodymium Motor with flux stabilising ringsHF: 1.4″ exit, 3″ Voice coil, Coaxial titanium dome
compression driver
RATED POWER 350W AES, 1400W peak
MAXIMUM SPL 122dB Cont, 128dB Peak (6dB)
DISPERSION (-6DB) 90° H, 60° V
PIN CONNECTIONS (LINK) 1+/- and 2+/-
FITTINGS 4 x M10, 17 x M8 fixing points, dual pole-mount socket, 2 x handle pockets
DIMENSIONS (W) 521mm, (H) 390mm, (D) 346mm (W) 20.5ins, (H) 15.4ins, (D) 13.6ins
WEIGHT 17.5kg (38.6lbs)


Martin Audio

Martin Audio


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