• Active 2 x 1:4 antennae splitter
  • For ew100/300 systems etc
  • Does not include PSU (NT1-1 UK)
  • Code 503165
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Active antenna splitter 2 x 1:4 Active antenna splitter for the loss-free operation of multi-channel G3 wireless systems. Each ASA 1 can allow up to four ew receivers to share one pair of antennas. Cascading two ASA 1 splitters enables the operation of up to 8-channels of wireless through two antennas. Power is supplied to the connected ew G3 receivers through the BNC antenna cables, eliminating individual power supplies for the receivers.

ASA 1 requires a NT 1-1 (UK) AC adapter (not included) for operation.
May be rack mounted with Sennheiser GA-3 rack kit (not included)
This unit will work across a broad range of radio frequencies with both channel 70 (licence exempt) and channel 38 (licenced 606-614MHz) and all in between.
Delivery Includes


1 active antenna splitter

8 BNC cables

Operating instructions

(does NOT include NT1-1 (UK) power adapter)

RF frequency range 500 ….. 870 MHz

Attenuation 0 dB

Dimensions 212 x 202 x 43 mm

Weight 700 g

Operating voltage (stand alone) 13,8 V DC




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