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Audio Technica ATW-A49

£385.00 Inc VAT

Pair of UHF wide-band directional LPDA (log periodic dipole array) antennas provide enhanced signal pickup for UHF wireless systems throughout a wide band range (440-900 MHz). Each antenna paddle is matched to 50 ohms impedance with an integral high-quality low-loss BNC connector; 6 dB gain. For permanent or temporary installation; mounts to 5/8″-27 threads.

Audio Technica
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This is a pair of Antennae for use with Audio Technica True diversity radio mic systems (ATW-2000 / 3000 series etc)

stands and cables are not included

Audio-Technica ATW-A49 UHF wideband LPDA (Log Periodic Dipole
Array) antennas provide enhanced signal pickup for UHF wireless
systems operating over 440–900 MHz, a remarkable 2-to-1 frequency
range. This bandwidth includes all UHF TV channels (14–69, 470–806
MHz). Supplied in pairs, these directional antennas are ideal for
extending the operating range and reliability of diversity UHF wireless
systems. They also eliminate the need for multiple frequency-specific

The ATW-A49 is designed for applications requiring increased distance
between the transmitter and the receiver—as in stadiums, concert
tour venues, theater and large performance areas, or any area where
line-of-sight may be obstructed. This ruggedly constructed paddle-style
antenna is equally suited for installed and portable applications.

The antennas are compatible with virtually all UHF wireless receivers
and provide a directional coverage pattern with a typical beamwidth
of 90 degrees. They offer approximately 6 dB of RF gain improvement
over standard receiver whip antennas. Antenna impedance is 50 ohms.
The antennas are constructed of industrial-grade copper-clad epoxy
fiberglass. This heavy-duty, durable construction is engineered to resist
the effects of corrosion, UV degradation and vibration, providing long life
and stable performance under difficult operating conditions. High-quality,
low-loss BNC connectors are positioned to minimize RF cable strain.
The antennas are supplied completely assembled. 

For best performance, the antennas should be mounted:
• Above head-height,
• In direct line-of-sight to the likely transmitter location(s),
• At least 3′ (1 m) away from each other, and
• At least 3′ (1 m) away from any large metal objects or sources of

In addition, the length of RF cable run to the receiver should be
minimized. Some experimentation with antenna positioning may be
required to determine the best locations under typical conditions.
Important: While the antennas themselves are weather resistant,
outdoor use should be temporary only and under dry conditions. Any
moisture or corrosion in BNC cable connectors or associated cables
can greatly affect RF performance at these frequencies.

The ATW-A49 mounts to a 5/8″-27 threaded fitting. The antenna
mount is designed to allow for vertical tilt adjustment through a 90°
range. Horizontal adjustment is accomplished by rotating the antenna
in the mounting fitting. For portable applications, the antenna may
be installed on a standard 5/8″-27 thread microphone stand.

After the antennas have been installed, connect them to the antenna
inputs of either a wireless receiver or an antenna distribution system.
Use RG58-type cable for cable lengths of up to 25′ (8 m). For cable
lengths greater than 25′, RG8-type low-loss RF cable is recommended.
RG8-type cable lengths over 100′ (30 m) may cause significant signal
loss. Because cable requirements vary considerably from one
installation to another, RF cables are not included.

Antenna Type Log Periodic Dipole Array (LPDA)
Operating Bandwidth 440 – 900 MHz
Gain 6 dB typical*
Impedance 50 ohms typical*
VSWR ² 1.7:1*
Polar Pattern Elliptical, 90° acceptance, typical
Polarization Vertical (when mounted vertically)
Number of Elements 9
Maximum Power Input Not specified (intended as receive
antenna only)
Termination Type Fixed right-angle BNC female
Connector is positioned to minimize
cable strain
Weight 11.5 oz (326 g) each
Dimensions 10.55″ (268 mm) L x 11.22″ (285 mm) H
x 0.98″ (25 mm) D
Material Copper-clad epoxy fiberglass
Finish Black matte
Mounting 5/8″-27 thread; adaptor can swivel 90°
* Within specified bandwidth


Audio Technica

Audio Technica


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