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Roland MT90U Zoom

Roland MT90U

MIDI, MP3 & WAV File Player
Load songs from USB flash memory stick (MIDI files, MP3, .WAV)
Built-in speaker and connect to external PA
Independantly change pitch and tempo of music
Ideal for worship accompaniment for smaller gatherings or for when no musicians are available

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Product Description


Roland MT90U

This MIDI, MP3 and WAV file player is very easy to use and offers an excellent option for worship accompaniment when there are no musicians available.

You may remember or still own a floppy disc MIDI file player unit - these have been very popular for many years now for worship music accompaniment. The new Roland MT90u USB MIDI / MP3 file player is by far the best of its type ever and here is why:

No Musicians required - easy to use with standard operations just like a tape or CD player
Now also plays MP3 files - real musicians, better sound, can even have vocals on the track!
Built in speaker - but you can also connect this to your sound system, powered speakers etc.
Remote control - pocket sized remote control will work up to at least 20 feet away from the unit
New sounds - modern advances in MIDI sound reproduction produce better instruments sounds
Ideal for use with our worship-downloads - music files in MIDI and MP3 format
USB memory storage - store hundreds of MIDI or MP3 files on one USB flash / pen drive
ROLAND 3 year warranty - just register online with Roland when you buy the unit

Hundreds of MIDI and MP3 worship music tracks are available from our friends at .

The Roland MT-90u is probably the best stand-alone MIDI file player on the market. When used in conjunction with any of DM Music’s MIDI or MP3 file series, it will provide a high quality, professionally arranged accompaniment for use in your worship service. It has a built in speaker, and therefore needs no additional hardware. It is as easy to use as a CD player, but with some distinct advantages:

• USB input. Connect a USB pen drive (or USB CD/floppy disk drive) with all of your files on!
• Speed & Pitch of a hymn/worship song can be adjusted as much as you like. These are totally independent. For example, if you choose to speed a song up, the pitch will stay the same.
• Individual parts can be muted. Imagine a worship song with many instrumental parts (piano, guitar, percussion, bass, flute etc). If you want to play along ‘live’, you can mute as many of these individual parts as needed so you are not ‘competing’ with the recording.
• Repeat sections of a song or hymn instantly. If you want to add an extra verse, or maybe repeat a particularly rousing chorus, the MT90s will do it instantly. It has two ‘Marker’ buttons, which act exactly like bookmarks in a book. You can set them at desired points in a song and then return seamlessly to either of these points whenever you like.
• Built in speaker is powerful enough to accompany smaller groups up to about 30 people. On the back panel, it has line outputs to go into a PA system for larger congregations.
• Remote control. Now you can have complete wireless control.
• Internal Metronome. Good discipline for learner musicians!
• Easy to use. All the functions are controlled by buttons on the front panel, so you don’t have to go searching menus and submenus to find what you need. In fact it’s as easy as using a CD player.
• Highly Portable. It is less than 2.5kg and has an integral handle.
• You don’t have to be a musician or technically proficient to operate it!. 

MIDI or MP3 files?- Which is best for you?
Both MIDI and MP3 file formats produce music that you can use as accompaniment to worship - ideal when there are no musicians available. However, each format works in different ways so offering differing benefits - here are some details to help you choose which is best for you:

MIDI files - more control - change speed (tempo) or pitch (key) on any file. They also allow you to mute tracks so you can cut out certain instruments.
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a set of instructions basically telling the MIDI file player which musical notes to play, on which particular instrument and at what speed and pitch. The 'instruments' are effectively stored in the MIDI player unit and the particular MIDI file song you play tells the player what to do to reproduce the music. This is why you can then control speed, pitch and instruments you want to hear - and why different MIDI players (such as the MT90u, MIDI keyboards, computers etc) will offer increasingly good sound quality - the better the MIDI file player, the better it's onboard sounds!

MP3 files - more realism - these are recordings of real musicians so achieve a lifelike playback sound. Strummed guitars, wind instruments and musical feel sound better than MIDI files because they are real instruments - some files even have real vocals on the recordings. Speed and pitch changes are still possible but is more limited than MIDI files - you may experience some slight sound distortion as the MP3 player 'expands or compresses' (by some clever digital trickery) the MP3 music file. MP3 is a special 'compressed' sound or music file much like the digital audio found on regular music CDs. Due to the clever digital compression these files take up very little computer memory space so are easy to download, store and manipulate. You still get that great digital recorded sound quality and this is the most common form of music file now used around the world.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Roland

External Storage Devices - USB Memory (Sold Separately, M-UF1G), USB CD Drive (Read only) (Sold Separately), USB Floppy Disk Drive (Sold Separately, FD-01A - discontinued 2013)
Playable Contents - Standard MIDI Files (Format 0/1), Roland Original Format (i-Format), Audio File (WAV; 44.1kHz / 16bit Linear Format, MP3; 44.1kHz / 128 to 320 kbps), Audio CDs (CD-DA, External USB CD Drive Required)
Tracks - 16 tracks
Songs - 1 song
Control - Reset, Play, Stop, Bwd, Fwd, Track Select, Count-in, Marker Set, Repeat, Metronome, Song Select, Tempo, Inc, Dec, Centre Cancel (only for audio playback)
Tempo - Quarter note = 10 to 500 (only for MIDI playback) 50 to 125 % (only for Audio playback)
Resolution - 120 ticks per quarter note
Tempo - Quarter note = 10 to 500 (only for MIDI playback)
50 to 150 % (only for Audio playback)
Resolution - 120 ticks per quarter note
Transpose - -6 to +5 (in semitones)
Sound GeneratorInternal Sounds - Conforms to GM2/GS/XG lite
Max.Polyphony - 128 voices
Tones - 348 variations (including 8 drum sets, 1 SFX set)
Master Tuning - 415.3 Hz to 466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)
Effects - Reverb, Chorus
Metronome Beat - 2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
Volume - 0 to 10 level
Pattern - 11 patterns
Sounds - 8 types
Other Functions - Mic Echo, Media Conversion
User Interface/HardwareDisplay - 122 x 32 dots graphic LCD with backlit
Lyrics - Yes (Built-in Display, MIDI Out)
Beat Indicator - Yes
Controls - Volume, Mic volume, Mic Echo Level, Speaker Switch
Speakers - 10 cm x 1
Connectors - External Memory Connector (USB A type), Output Jacks (L/R, RCA phono type), Headphones Jack (Stereo miniature phone type), Microphone Jack (1/ 4 inch phone type), USB (MIDI) Connector (USB B type), MIDI IN Connector, Start / Stop Jack
Power supply - DC 9 V (AC adaptor)

Owner's manual, Power cord, AC Adaptor, Remote Controller Unit, Lithium Battery (CR-2025)

USB Memory (M-UF1G),
Floppy Disk Drive (FD-01A),
Dynamic Microphone (DR-30/50),
Pedal Switch (DP-2)

Width - 165 mm / 6-1/2 inches
Depth - 186 mm / 7-3/8 inches
Height - 270 mm / 10-11/16 inches


Excellent productReview by St Illtuds - Pontypridd
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Excellent product, truly portable but useable on its own. Solves many problems for small churches and outreach activities. (Posted on 30/08/2012)

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